My passion for designing and building began at the early age of 15 during my Summer vacation. This is when I helped in the planning and building of my father's new house in Hancock, VT.  On a wonderful 35 acre hillside property surrounded by the National forest on all sides. It had all the desirable features most anyone would appreciate. A wonderful mountain view, southerly exposure,  a reliable spring, small stream, fields and woods. There was however the reality of its remoteness. The nearest neighbor and closest utility pole was 1 mile away. Making it totally unfeasible to bring in power. This led my father to create a house that operated off grid. (Something not yet considered fashionable, or realistic to most.) Starting  with a 4000 watt gas generator and  a 12 volt battery storage system. Then several years later with professional help, we installed a micro-hydro electrical generating system.

Spending high school Summers and time after college living there, provided me an incredible hands education to the importance of utilizing every inch of living space as well as the need for energy efficiency.

Over the years I have been fortunate to work with and or observe many very talented craftsman. Allowing me an incredible education that is ever expanding and without there collaboration  would not have been able to completed so many unique and wonderful projects.

It has been and will continue to be my goal to design and build beautiful, functional, energy efficient living spaces that harmonize and take advantage of its surroundings. All the while being sure to use the best possible materials and workmanship at very competitive costs.

So no matter what type of project, or its size, you can be assured that nothing is left to chance and it will last for generations to come. Something you and your family will enjoy with great pride.

I look forward to being able to assist you in the design of and or the construction of your dream living space. Anything from a new house, all the way to garden spaces and or anything in between.

Thank you, Keith Michelson              

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